January 7

My mother just called and told me to go outside and look at the moon. “It has a giant white Q around it!” I told her to take a picture because I am finally, FINALLY, in pajamas in front of my computer screen. She said she tried, but the Q won’t show up. Still, I am too tired, so I am trusting that there is a Q haloing the moon and that someone “up there” is keeping close watch on my Mighty Quinn.

Any other night, I might be motivated to wander out in the cold, but after sitting on bleachers from 8-5, I’m wiped out. Quinn handled the games okay until about 2 and then he couldn’t take 400 screaming girls and a sea of spandex any longer, so I drove him out to my mom’s for the afternoon.

Squeezing food and the new vitamin regime into today’s schedule was kind of nutty, but I think overall successful. I woke up at 5:30 to finally wash my hair (which has started to resemble matted dog hair), feed Quinn, and pack some contraband food for Lizzie. It was time to leave before I knew it, so I peeled a grapefruit (counting drops took longer than expected) and took it in the car with me. It balanced nicely on the portable espresso mug.

I didn’t really eat a lunch, but munched on various things throughout the afternoon: 10 rice crackers, 10 almonds, two waters, a V8, 6 sunchips, and an apple. All I know is that it was NOT a hotdog from the concession stand, or a muffin as big as my face. So lunch or no lunch, I am chalking this up as a good thing. Quinn ate french fries and milk. It’s super ironic to me to have all these girls playing volleyball all day, their super althetic young selves playing game after game after game, and yet no one even blinks at the fact that their only lunch choices (again, NO OUTSIDE FOOD ALLOWED) are cheeseburgers, Gatorade, hotdogs cooked with light bulbs, donuts, and then a pathetic little basket of fruit that makes the fruits look like sad, forgotten, orphans. Sigh. Ah well, one tournament down, nine to go.

My grandma Jean never took down the Christmas tree until her eldest daughter’s birthday, today, January 7. Tonight our family gathered at my aunt’s house to celebrate not only her birthday, but my dad’s, and two of my other aunts … all January babies. Shirley, my aunt who watches Quinn, is celebrating a milestone this year, so it was actually a night to celebrate her.

There was a ton of delicious food, but I did a pretty good job of sticking to the plan. I had cheese, pickles, olives, a ginormous salad with walnuts and blue cheese, four glasses of water (again, passing up the wine is the hardest part for me), and a small square of the manicotti that my cousin Jenny made. I gave most of this to Quinn. I passed on desserts, but did have a small bit of my Aunt Cathy’s homemade almond toffee, which was SO good.

Aunt Sue had a set of angel cards and told me to draw one. I drew EMERGENCE. My angels, it says, are supporting me as I am coming into my true self. “Allow your self to be visible to others. You lift them up an inspire them.”

That was a nice way to end the night.

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